Keep Commitments, right critical situations

Our Convictions

1. Human referential

2. Commitment

3. Trust and lead by example

Does leadership of love exist ?

The social networks are full of recommandations how should be a good leader. By the way companies are promoting more a leader than a manager role. Nothing of this is really correct. If one is a leader but does not well organize and manage, does not show example, success is not on the way. On the opposite side if one is only managing but not inspiring the team progression will be poor.  

Humans  cannot completely disguise to play a perfect role. Sometimes the company interests diverge from people's expectations in terms of personal or collective values, all that which make sense and that you cannot claim but that you have to embody. This is what makes the leader job so interesting.

There is a place "on the green grass" to discuss and understand each other. That is the advantage of being external of a company, we can play mediation and provide a fresh eye to the critical situations, with gentleness. 

Even in the toughest challenges, when everyone is striving to achieve the commitments, common understanding and recognition are the ingredients of success. Therefore we should always consider win-win schemes and consider the point of view of our counterpart before providing guidance and experience.


This is not easy to fulfill that promise : so sincere consideration and care are success enablers in this job. ​ 

Tailored Commitments

Program Management 

...Master Complex Projects

Experience of international contexts

Agile or classic way of working

Multi services contracts of build & run

Transition Management

...Secure critical phases 

Management takeover

Reinforcement of technical director, CIO

Contract transition management (hand-over, ramp-up)


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