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Our Convictions

1. Information Systems is strategic

Information systems is the best friend ever. Information systems can help you leverage your productivity,  grow your sales or optimize your costs. Automation is one aspect of its powers. Digital Intelligence is another aspect of it : just give it a try! 

2. Standardize or Create ?

3. You are sit on a gold mine

Standardization has advantages if you need to optimize, but you cannot really differentiate with standards. Every company needs a mix of those and also consider its legacy. Also take the opportunities when they arise to create is the essence of tactical smart leaders.

Many companies do not take advantage of the data they collect. With restrictions and laws it is more and more time to make this informational capital useful for the company. In particular new approaches as machine learning and deep neural networks can do a lot to take advantage of your information capital and grow.

IS consulting and value.


One is considering to be accompanied by consultants for a variety of reasons. That can be because of a specific expertise, the capability to give a proven return of experience, to benefit from an external eye, or to overcome internal issues. The consultant soft skills are essential, but they are not sufficient.

When being supported by a consultant, do you really benefit from experience and in depth knowledge of technologies for your success ? does he have an hidden objective in mind, how does he guide you and has he considered the options rightly ?. Making interviews and defining a 'to be' based on components is a basic. To make the right diagnostics, nothing replaces a broad professional experience.

To be on time on the market, and with the savings in mind, components off the shelf approaches are too often privileged compared to the specific, tailored solutions. This is rassuring for sure but this is an error in the world of today. With the assembly of cloud services and components new opportunities you can accelerate a lot your time to market and avoid the hassle of many hidden costs.

Taking the right options are not an easy task : devil is in the details. You make the difference with these slight specificities that change everything. It might be the case you are driven by the market trends or replication of systems that are not really fitting with what you really need.​ 

The consultant has to be aware and rigourous, he has to understand you. Not only he also has to be really independant.

Tailored Missions

1. Business Performance Improvement

• Business process performance audits

• Business transformation (business reengineering)

• Optimisation of business performance

• Change management

2. Opportunity

& Feasibility

• Project framing, concepts

• Opportunity studies: desirability, feasibility and viability, business case

• Sow, specifications & backlogs, benchmark solutions

3. Business Compliance

• Regulations Compliance

• Business and IT process alignment

4. Valuation of information capital

• Data Mapping

• Development of use cases (predictive analysis...)

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