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Are Technologies Profit Enablers ?

For those who apply classical schemes and look technology with a distant eye, it is not obvious to pretend digital would bring added value, as often they consider they already have digitalized the necessary processes. They forget obsolescence is around the corner, inducing a loss in performance on the long term.  This is also the case that technologies evolution bring tremendous opportunities​.

Renew or die ? yes everyone has been facing this challenge. Wether is is a functional, component based approach or seen in the light of new technologies we bring new use cases into fruition for your business to perform on a good manner and differentiate.

Consider innovation is not just fancy marketing : if you do not disrupt, you will be disrupted by your competitors. Innovation requires achievement and results. This is why you need a partner able to deepen and make you progress in that field, not just make you dream with technologies. 

Then, let us  stay on our both legs and keep being realistic : digital is wider and wider. Maybe too much. We are enough aware and experienced to accompany you as a reliable partner on the digital road with confidence. That's it.  

Finally, many people do their best to do what they can to follow the fast moving technologies and trends.​ We do particular effort to be up to date in that field to make a difference : that is the reason why we specialize in some fields, and we keep at the same time a broad view of capabilities offered by the emerging technologies.


Information Systems

Master Complexity and Simplify

Information Systems are often critical for companies. 

Beneficis has strong experience on complex information systems involving PLM, ERP or Specific Applications.

You can rely on us for the evolution of your information systems. Sky is the limit and clouds are on the way.


A state of mind and a way of life.

We go beyond marketing, because we are doers first.

Our management of innovation receipt is made of subtle ingredients : wide knowledge, openness, curiosity, cooperation and confidence in coming to a result.

We boldly go where no one has gone before for you.

Artificial Intelligence

Valorize your Data

Your company is sit on a gold mine.

You can strongly increase your performance with machine learning and deep learning, inference & ontologies : SVM or logistic regression, deep neural networks, convolutional networks, sequence models, knowledge graphs will enable new valuable use cases based on your data with semantic web, natural language processing, predictive analysis, generation of data etc.


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