Business Strategy

Set goals and the means to achieve them in a flexible manner

Our Convictions

1. Set valuable goals

Often companies want to diversify to secure their position but do not know where to concretely go. Some companies develop with opportunities and stay for years bound to the fragility of a main customer. Strategy has sense for its capability to enable growth drivers. It is requires external eye and expertise to assess the viability of a strategy in the battle field.

2. Set the means to achieve them

3. Disrupt or you will be disrupted

The leader allocates resources and means to concretize the strategy. The impact on value chain is plural and deep. Many company neglect to well prepare their diversification and often face issues to implement with sufficient means to go to the desired new equilibrium. Do not fall in the trap of dying in growth.


Companies are reluctant to kill their milking cows and we can understand. Wait a minute : there is no need to kill them on a short notice. But there is a need to consider disruption seriously and have a transition plan, years ahead.

What about you on the battlefield ?

It is often difficult for a company to decide where to go. Strategy needs consideration of all aspects of the company. We believe you grow on your strengths, wether it is a mastered know-how, a product category or a well established set of customers. World is full of opportunities for those who dare making the steps ahead, but what steps and with what ? that is the question.


Are you willing to extend your customer base or your product line or range of services ? Do you need to abandon some of those ?. Do you want to differentiate, industrialize or focus ? What weapons do you want to use to fight on the battlefield and to overcome the difficulties brought by competition on your target market?  

For all companies it is not easy to step aside and change habits or way of working. Human aspects need careful consideration. Beyond human capital, considering the full value chain, logistics, infrastructures, sales production and marketing, information capital , client, employee and supplier experience lead to a variety of possible resources allocations by the leader, different possible strategies.

Technologies can bring a real differentiation in the way you do business. Because technology has a broad set of possibilities it is a gold mine for setting differentiators.The detail is important. Just being able to deliver your products in a short timeframe to your customers can make a huge difference.

How  to best modify the attributes of your offerings, to make them a supplementary argument to buy from you and nowhere else ?. Even though Blue ocean is a good thing, it cannot be systematic as you also have to grow in your historic business. How would you setup the roots to make your business prosperous for the next coming years ?.     ​ 

Tailored missions

• Strategic Audit

• Business Model,  Business Plan, Development plan

1. Business Strategy

2. Advisory Board

• Advising the executive Board

• Strategic Concierge Service

3. Investigation

• Investigations, strategic informations gathering

• Market studies

4. Representation

• Promotion (events…)

• Partners & suppliers relationship

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